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Kape Coffee Cafe was inspired by Daniel Rodriguez, a Guatemalan American who had the desire to share the experience that coffee gave him with the rest of the world. While living in Guatemala, he was able to notice that everywhere he went, there was always something in common. COFFEE WAS CULTURE. Whether it was a fancy restaurant at a tourist attraction or a humble indigenous home out in the rural area, he would always be offered a cup of coffee as an endearing welcome. “Kape?” the woman might ask with a wide smile, and he would gladly accept. “Coffee, sir?” the waiter might ask, and he would also gladly accept. Whenever friends and family came to visit, he would brew a cup of coffee for them to enjoy. “Café?” he would offer, and they would happily accept. There was something about sharing a cup of coffee with other people that brought a sense of unity and companionship. Even while being home alone, brewing his own cup of coffee had turned into a daily ritual that provided an escape from everyday responsibilities.  He came to the realization that this is what coffee should be. A time to share with the ones you care for the most, but also a reward to enjoy after a productive day.

This is the experience he wants you to have.

So why not give yourself and your loved ones the best? After all, you most certainly deserve it.


“Coffee” in the K’iche Mayan language 
Modern day’s elixir of life
Spanish word for “Coffee”